Inspiring Videos on Bible and Theology

Something really exciting has been happening over the last year.  Short video vignettes are being created for biblical books, Bible themes, and theological topics.  Really high quality stuff that is super inspiring.  Let me offer a few examples.

At the top of my list is the Bible Project.  Two guys have gotten together to do narrative drawings (my best explanation) that help explain books of the Bible.  Check this one out on the book of Judges.  They did an outstanding job of explaining an overview of the book along with key themes.

Look on their YouTube channel and find other books along with Bible topics like “The Image of God”, “Covenants”, and “Atonement.” I’m always inspired to watch their simple explanation of God’s word.
I also recently discovered videos on topics related to theology. Try this one from Boston College Professor of Philosophy, Peter Kreeft on “God and Suffering.”  He has a whole collection of these on common questions related to God and theology.

I applaud some really creative people who are finding succinct ways to engage and teach a new audience!  Love it!


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